The use of Google Docs is increasingly more publicly recognized. So, if someone uses Google Docs, he must be taking advantage of all of its capabilities. One of the outstanding aspects is moving, updating, or organizing tables. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to move a table in Google Docs, don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Moving A Table In Google Docs:

Anyone can effortlessly develop and modify tables using Google Docs. When we install a table in Google Docs, you will almost certainly need to physically orient the table and move it about in the document to meet your needs. The term “moving tables” describes the act of moving a table within a document. You can drag and drop your table anywhere in your document.

Methods For Moving Your Table In Google:

Moving the table will not take you long to move from one point in a document to another, so keep an eye on these simple and practical approaches. We have given you the 4 best methods.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts:

This method involves cutting and pasting using keyboard shortcuts. You can copy and paste your table from its present place to the new one (the location where you want your table to be). This is the simplest and most practical way. As a mark, we advise that you use this way to move tables in your Google Doc.

  • Go to your Google Docs document and open it.
  • Make a table.
  • Then, in your document, go to the table. Drag your pointer over the screen to select it. The whole table must be highlighted in blue after you’ve picked it.
  • The next step is to use the keyboard shortcut to cut your table. Press Control (or Command if you’re using a Macbook) to cut the table. After that, you should delete the table from your document.
  • Next, decide where you want your table to go (where would you like it?). To paste the table in that position, go to that location and press Control (or Command) + P. After you’ve done this, your table should show in this new location.

Operate the Edit menu to cut and paste your Table:

This strategy is identical to the one that came before it. The main difference is that we’ll use the Edit menu to cut and paste the article rather than keyboard shortcuts. This approach is also quite simple, but it requires more time and work than before. Using keyboard shortcuts is more convenient and saves time.

  • Go to the table in your document, just like we did in a previous way. Then choose it by dragging your cursor across the screen. The entire table should be highlighted in blue once you’ve picked it.
  • The Edit button is in the upper left corner of your screen. To access the Edit menu, click on it.
  • The Cut function is found near the top of the Edit menu. To cut your table, simply click on it. When you do this, your table should vanish from your document.
  • Then, decide on a new place for your table and move there. To access the Edit drop-down menu, select the Edit tab once more. Choose the Paste option from the menu this time. This is where your table should now appear.

Use the table drop-down menu to move your Table:

This method is very comparable to the prior two. However, we shall cut and paste utilizing the table drop-down option in this technique.

  • To begin, go to the table in your document and drag your cursor across the screen to select it. When you pick the table, it should be highlighted in blue.
  • Then, right-click on your table to bring up the long table menu.
  • Select the Cut option from the drop-down menu. Your table will be removed from that location due to this action.
  • Choose a new spot for your table. To access another drop-down menu, right-click on this spot.
  • Select the Paste option from the new drop-down menu. This is where your table should display.

Drag the Table:

Finally, we’ll discuss another advantageous method of manipulating tables in Google Docs: dragging them. All you have to do is directly pick your table and drag it to the desired location. This or the first way is recommended because they will save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Drag your cursor over the screen to find your table and select it. When you choose the table, you’ll see that it turns blue.
  • Specify where you desire your table to be in the new location. After that, move your table to the new place. When you move your table to a new location, a blue pointer should appear on the screen.

Importance Of Table In Google Docs

Google’s Docs web interface now allows you to build better and manipulate tables with a few updates. The first of these “many new ways to edit tables” in Google Docs is a new sidebar for managing table properties. You can adjust Row, Column, and Alignment, much like with picture editing, and your changes are “reflected in your document in real-time.” 

A table can be used to organize data in a document or demonstration. You can insert and remove tables and change the size and aesthetic of table rows and columns. When using Google Docs on a computer, you may also Stop material from spilling across pages.

Users working on tables in Google Docs will effortlessly move a row or column to a different spot with the new version. This guarantees that vital text in tables sticks together, isn’t missed on the next page, and allows additional control over formatting and layouts.


This post has given you an outline of moving tables around in Google Docs. However, Google is overhauling this, and table creation and management are being rewritten. In Google Docs, you now learn to move a table. You must consider following the directions to achieve perfection! We hope you found this helpful information.

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