Roman Numerals were a unique form of number system employed by the Romans in the past. We can’t deny the importance of the roman number system in the present world, even though it is an archaic number system.

Many people use numbers instead of roman numerals in their google docs, but sometimes you have to use roman numerals for some reason. You are confused because there is no direct option to use roman numerals on a google doc. 

This article will show you how to add roman numerals to your Google Docs documents in simple steps. We also show you how to use roman numerals as bullet points in Google Docs. As a result, we’ll show you how to add roman numerals to Google Docs today.

What are Roman Numerals?

Roman numerals are a numbering system that originated in ancient Rome and was widely used throughout Europe until the late Middle Ages. Combinations of letters from the Latin alphabet represent numbers in this system. Seven symbols are used in modern style, each with a set integer value. 

Long after the Roman Empire fell apart, Roman numerals were still used. Roman numerals began to be phased out in favor of Arabic numbers in the 14th century; however, this transition was slow, and Roman numerals are still used in some applications today.

Why are Roman Numerals Important?

Roman numerals can now be found on construction cornerstones and in movie credits and titles. They also appear in monarchs, popes, ships, and athletic events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl.

In astronomy, Roman numerals are used to name moons, and in chemistry, they are used to designate Periodic Table groupings. They appear as upper- and lower-case letters in table contents and manuscript outlines. The use of Roman numerals organizes data into a logical structure. Roman numerals are used as notation symbols in music theory.

These applications are mostly for aesthetic rather than practical reasons. In terms of appearance, Roman numerals evoke a sense of timelessness and history, which is especially true in clocks and watches.

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Steps to Get Roman Numerals on Google Docs

Here are the simple steps you have to follow to get roman numerals on google docs.

  • Step 1: Open Google Docs

The first step is simple yet most important. You’ve to open google docs simply by signing it through your email where you want to keep the document.

  • Step 2: Click on the Insert link

After opening the google docs, open a new document or previous one in which you want to add roman numerals. After opening the document, select the Insert tab on the top.

  • Step 3: Select the Special Characters

From the insert, the link chooses the special characters. 

  • Step 4: Type Roman

Type roman in the search box and select roman characters or numbers from the options. You can now add roman numerals to Google Docs with ease.

Bullet Points with Roman Numerals

Now we’ll show you how to use roman numerals as bullet points in Google Docs. It’s simple and takes less than a minute to complete. So, let’s see how you can go about doing that.

  • Step 1:Open the Google Doc

The first step is the same. You have to open the google document where you want to add roman numerals with bullet points.

  • Step 2: Select Numbered List Option

After opening the google doc, the next step is to select the numbered list option on the right of your Google document.

  • Step 3:Select Roman Number Option

Select the roman number option from numbered list option. You’ve now successfully added roman numerals as bullet points in Google Docs.

Final Thoughts

Roman numerals are a terrific way to add a bit of class and beauty to your report, presentation, or document. Google Docs, fortunately, include a few alternatives for inserting Roman numerals.

Many people have trouble adding the correct Roman numbers in Word, Google Docs, or other programs, even though it appears to be a straightforward process.

We hope you found our article on how to get Roman numerals in Google Docs helpful! We have attempted to elaborate on each step to assist you in learning how to add roman numerals to Google Docs. 

This is an excellent tool for teachers, students, and anyone else who regularly performs basic mathematics.

When one of our posts can provide important information on a topic like this, we are always ecstatic!

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