Everybody who works with spreadsheets deserves to learn how to copy the format of cells in Google Sheets quickly. The appropriate tool for copying and pasting the design is Google Sheets. The paint format tool can copy fonts, colours, conditional formatting, and a variety of other tasks. I’ll show you all you What Is Paint Format In Google Docs and utilize paint format in Google Sheets to copy and paste style in this article.

Purpose  of the paint format tool

Sheets’ Paint Format tool, like Docs’, allows you to replicate structuring given to text in cells. Even though you can’t duplicate a formula to other cell ranges, this is a handy tool for designing tables in your spreadsheets. This process is frequently referred to as the “format painter” tool.

How to Use Paint Format in Google Sheets

The Format paint icon, next to the web clipboard on the toolbar, allows you to format one area of text (font style, size, type, colour, bold, italics, etc.) and then copy that format to other sections of text. By double-clicking the format paint symbol, you can lock the paint and edit many text regions at once.

To duplicate formatting with the paint format tool, just highlight the cells you want to transfer the style to, click the paint format tool, and choose the cells you want to paste the formatting to.

Here’s how to do it:

In this example, assume you wish to duplicate the formatting from column A to column B.

1. Use your mouse to pick the cells that have the formatting you want to copy by clicking and dragging over them.

2. In the toolbar, select the paint format tool. When the paint format tool turns green, you know the device has been engaged.

3. Click on the cells to duplicate the formatting and select them. This will copy the configuration and paste it into these cells.

This utility can only be used once. If you click on another cell set after using the tool, the formatting will not be copied again. You’ll have to go through the instructions again if you need to utilize the device again.

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How to Copy Dependent Formatting

Format paint can also be used for conditional formatting. The steps for copying conditional formatting with the format painter tool are the same:

  • Copy the conditional formatting from the highlighted cells.
  • Select the paint format tool from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the cells you want to copy the configuration and click on them.

Shortcut for Paint Format

Because you can only utilize paint format once before repeating the procedures, a handy shortcut is to press “Ctrl + Y” on your keyboard to revert to the previous state. The last command is repeated by pressing Ctrl + Y. So, if you’ve previously used the paint format tool, rather than redoing all of the steps, simply mark another area where you wish to paste the formatting and hit “Ctrl + Y” as a shortcut to continue pasting the same design without having to start again.

Final Verdict

We talked about What Is Paint Format In Google Docs in this article. Sheets’ Paint Format tool, like Docs’, allows you to replicate formatting applied to text in cells. Even though you can’t duplicate a formula to other cell ranges, this is a handy tool for designing tables in your spreadsheets.


Moving toward Faqs:

Is Google Docs equipped with a format painter?

In Google Docs, use the Format Painter, and drag and drop images in Drawings. Google Apps domains now have access to the following features: Painter of formats: Format painter lets you copy your text’s style, including font, size, colour, and other formatting variables, and paste it into another document.

What is the best way to paste with formatting?

You can paste text with the source’s formatting, the destination’s formatting, or just plain text in Word. The Paste Options icon should be turned on. Select File > Options > Detailed from the File menu. Select Show Paste Options from the Cut, Copy, and Paste menu when content is posted. Choose OK.

What is the format of Google Docs?

Google Docs is a word processor part of Google’s Google Drive service, a free web-based software office suite. The programme supports Microsoft Office file formats. Users can use the application to create and edit files online while interacting with other users in real-time.

In Google Docs, Is There A Paint Brush?

You can use the Paint format tool to choose the text you wish to copy and format it in the way you desire. The paintbrush icon in your toolbar can then select the text you want to apply the formatting. The formatting from the original text will be copied to the selected text.

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